Meet Our Family of Farmers 

At J&J Family of Farms, we think you should know the produce farmers who work hard each day to bring you a variety of fresh vegetables. That’s why we invite you to get to know our team of growers and family farmers. You can learn more about them as they share their personal stories of dedication to providing the best quality peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and other vegetables. 

Thomas Produce

Thomas Produce FarmersIn August 2015, J&J Family of Farms and Thomas Produce reached a strategic partnership, aligning their respective produce farming operations with J&J’s sales and marketing team to create an enhanced supply chain to our customers. This new partnership expanded and diversified our Florida winter farm volume and substantially increased our total annual volume. The Thomas family has owned and operated its Florida farm and business since 1958.

Thomas Produce is one of the largest vegetable growing operations in Florida with production of fresh bell peppers, specialty peppers, squash, cucumbers and green beans. The partnership is a complete organizational alignment, and Thomas Produce is now a shareholder in J&J Holdings. While J&J assumes all sales and marketing responsibilities, each organization will work collectively on shared initiatives such as food safety, social responsibility and sustainability. The alliance brings a more consolidated produce supply chain to customers, and gives J&J the opportunity to offer more value-added programs.

Moore Farms

Moore Produce FarmIn Manor, Ga., Gene and Mary Moore started a family tradition of vegetable farming after Gene’s return from Vietnam. Today, their son Tim, his wife Barbara and their sons TJ and Ryan carry on the tradition through the second and third generations. Tim’s style of produce farming lends itself to high yields of high quality vegetables. His clean and healthy bushes are a result of his meticulous attention to detail. Our customers can count on the Moore Family to deliver Georgia Grown quality, “Fresh from our Farms Daily!”

Bullard Farms

Bullard FarmersBullard Farms has been a pillar of Cook County Georgia agricultural production for several decades. Mr. Jimmy Bullard and his sons Jason, Jeff and Jody, along with his grandson Jarrod, grow some of the finest quality vegetables available today. Known for their attention to detail, their fields are clean and spotless, and they take pride in what goes into each box. Their reputation precedes them as Squash farmers who are second to none. Whether it is dark green Zucchini place packed like little soldiers in the box, or Summer Squash with a buttery Yellow color, their squash is requested time and time again. Add in long green cucumbers and blocky green bell pepper, and you have a basket of the finest vegetables grown in the Georgia clay. When you say Bullard Farms, you say it all. 

Patterson Farms

Patterson Produce FarmWhen brothers Randall and Doug Patterson of China Grove, NC went off to North Carolina State University for engineering degrees, some wondered what they may do. Not their father, as he knew that produce farming was in their blood and they would come home to take over the family farm. Today Patterson Farms is a first class farming entity that we are proud to include in J&J Family of Farms. Raising fine quality strawberries, cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes, Patterson Farms brings the finest farm fresh produce from North Carolina. Starting to harvest in early May and continuing through October, Patterson delivers great tasting summer produce.

Little River Produce

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Little River Produce is located in Lake Park, Georgia. The family-owned farm has been with the Ritter family for over 150 years. Fifty years ago, Devane and Mary Lou Ritter began farming produce on just 20 acres of land. Today, with their son Dee at the helm, they have expanded to almost 1,000 acres of annual production to grow high quality bell peppers, green zucchini squash, yellow squash, eggplant, cucumbers, specialty peppers, and sweet potatoes. The company manages more than 14,000 acres of production — both its own and partners’ —  and has operations in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona and Mexico. Devane and Mary Lou Ritter began growing produce 50 years ago. Son, and owner of the company, Dee Ritter, says, “Our family's agriculture history, perseverance, sacrifice and hard work is what makes Little River Produce what it is today!”.